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Soliviere curates art collections with a focus on the interrelationship between the artwork and the space, with the purpose of creating an environment that inspires a desired mental state. We call this art intelligence—the practice of maximizing intellectual and emotional synergy between person and space.


We specialize in the curation of art collections intended for intellectual spaces. Intellectual spaces are creative environments that stimulate greater productivity, efficiency and inspiration. If an environment is purposely curated with awareness of the sensory stimulation it transmits, the brain can be guided into a desired mental state.

Oliviere Saint curates collections that create spaces which consciously support the realization of the actualized self.

She represents her clients in the acquisition of artworks that unify the pure aesthetic pleasure of art and the intellectual criteria for curating a strategic collection with the philosophy that art and environments can be tools that help us consciously create our reality.

Art is to be experienced, not merely observed.

Oliviere has merged her knowledge of design and art history with her passion for philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. Soliviere is the culmination of her innate fascination with the influence of art on human emotion and identity.

Oliviere’s vision is to deepen the understanding of how art in our everyday surroundings affects our thoughts, feelings and actions – and to enable conscious humans to curate spaces designed to inspire even greater creativity and next-level thinking.

Art is reality imagined and ideation experienced.

Curation for intellectual spaces.

An intellectual space is one that is optimized for achieving a desired mental state. Art intelligence is the use of art and design to intentionally shape that experience.


At Soliviere, our duty to our clients is to find art that speaks to them – their highest vision for themselves. We acknowledge who you are, who you want to be, your goals and aspirations; what inspires you, what you love and why. We then consider the space as a whole – what is this space meant to do for you; why are you here? – and incorporate the design elements that will enhance the way your mind interacts with the space.

Shaping a better world for all.

We are passionate about enhancing the human experience, and art is our medium of choice. It is our mission to curate art collections that help build creative environments that inspire our clients to be their best. We hold a deep belief in the power of art and space, and are here to support optimal performance and wellbeing with the use of art to achieve that aim.


Our specialty lies in working with creative-types—people who need a space to think so they can create; people who seek to tap into their flow states to enhance productivity and refine the quality of their cognitive output.


Collecting art is an intimate and rewarding experience. We counsel our clients to acquire art that they connect with in a personal level that inspires a deep relationship between them and their art. Our job is to get to know you, learn who you are and who you want to be, your hopes and dreams and find what is right for you.


Soliviere was born out love for art and passion for business. Our original concept was to focus on corporate collections. Business and commerce are responsible for how we shape our civilization—the world we live in. Supporting humans who share our values gives us purpose. Which is why we have decided to volunteer our expertise to startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs whose mission is to create a better world.


If you and your team could use some help buying art and building a creative space that can help maximize your potential, or need to design a public space that embodies your mission, let us know! Click the button below to apply.

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